Social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc, are some of the famous modes of promoting photography online, free of cost. In this post, I will tell you how to maximize the reach of your photos/reels on Instagram.

Most of the newbies on Instagram spend maximum time in increasing their followers and forgets the real motive behind, them being on Instagram.

Well, let me make one thing really clear that yes, it is true if you have more followers, your content will be more popular but there is a catch behind it. Let me rephrase the sentence I just said and say it once more, “If you have more followers and they are actually interested in your niche. Then, your content will be more popular.”

So now the question arises,  how to target the right people who are actually interested in your content and will follow your upcoming posts in the future?

The easiest way is to use multiple hashtags in your post’s caption and comment, to increase the reach of your post. As the reach of your post will increase, eventually you will see the right type of people following your profile and hence increase in your account’s popularity in the right direction.

Here are the quick links for the most popular photography hashtags, that will help your photos to achieve maximum reach:

1. Best hashtags for Portrait photography

2.  Best hashtags for Landscape photography

3. Best hashtags for Food photography



4. Best hashtags for Wildlife photography

5. Best hashtags for Bird photography

7. Best hashtags for Travel photography


8. Best hashtags for Macro photography

9. Best hashtags for Black and White photography

10. Best hashtags for Street photography

12. Best hashtags for Wedding photography

13. Best hashtags for Baby photography

14. Best hashtags for Product photography

15. Best hashtags for Dog Photography

16. Best hashtags for Cat photography

17. Best hashtags for India Photography 

18. Best hashtags for New Year 


19. Best hashtags for Corona Virus Pendemic Posts 


20. Best hashtags for Instagram trending Reels  


Hope the above list of most popular photography hashtags for Instagram was helpful. Do leave your comments below.

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Srijita Photography
5 years ago

Thanks for the appreciation Rashel

Rashel Ahmed
5 years ago

Excellent article, I really appreciate your article. Thanks for sharing.

Srijita Photography
5 years ago

Thanks for your Comment.
Please check point no.14 for Product Photography

5 years ago

Add hashtags for product photography


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