Every year on 8th March, everyone in this world comes together and praises women for their contributions and efforts “for making this world a better place to be in“. But amongst all these praises, we women forget to praise ourselves for all the efforts we have made for the betterment of ourselves and celebrate how far we have come.

Ladies! This is not a one day work to remember what we have achieved. Yes, we have come a long way from the days when the sole role of women was to manage home. Now we multitask in multiple roles from home-maker to businesswoman. From a corporate executive to an artist. So should we celebrate all this on just 8th of March? 

My answer to this question is “No! one day is not enough, we must celebrate this achievement every day and not only on the 8th of March.”

So what should we do on the 8th of March when the world shower us with all the love and attention?

Firstly, I would say, we must thank everyone who is making an effort towards making our lives easy.
Thank those people who acknowledge the effort we put on a daily basis were we juggle between our “traditional role of a home-maker” and “the role we opt for ourselves(profession/hobby)”.

Secondly, every year on this day make a TO-DO list. A list that contains 12 wishes that you want to achieve. The list may contain your wish to go for a new job, learning a new recipe or reading a new book. Just take a notepad, write 12 things that you want to do. Stick it on your fridge or work desk. And then work on it, wish by wish for the next 12 months.
All I am trying to say is, try to inculcate “Me time” in your lifestyle while you strike out each and every wishes that you held on to, for so long.

And trust me, every year on the 8th of March, whenever you will remember what you have achieved, you will surely be proud of yourself.

Hoping to see your 12 wishes for this year, in my comment section below. I wish you, All the best and a Very Happy International Women’s Day!

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