Special Traditions Across the Globe


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Saudi Arabia

The atmosphere in the city of Mecca and Medina stays extremely vibrant during Ramadan.  The Taraweeh prayers attract millions of worshippers to the Grand Mosque in Mecca


Streets and homes are adorned with colorful lanterns called "fawanees," and communities come together for special Ramadan tents known as "mawa'ed al-rahman" for the iftar meal.


The mosques and public spaces are lighten up and families gather for iftar meals, often beginning with the consumption of dates and water, followed by a variety of traditional Turkish dishes.


Cities like Jakarta and Yogyakarta come alive with vibrant street markets selling traditional foods for iftar, and communities gather for special evening prayers known as "tarawih" in mosques and prayer grounds.


The Ramadan evenings are marked by the sound of drums (known as "bangu") announcing the pre-dawn meal. Families gather in homes and mosques for iftar, enjoying traditional dishes such as harira soup, dates, and sweets like "chebakia."


Malaysia's multicultural society adds a unique flavor to Ramadan celebrations. The streets are filled with bustling night markets offering a variety of Malay, Chinese, and Indian delicacies for iftar. Families also gather for the "buka puasa" meal to break their fast together.

United Arab Emirates

Ramadan is a time for both spirituality and social gatherings. The evenings are marked by the "cannon firing" to signal the end of the fast, followed by communal iftar meals in mosques, homes, and tents set up for charity.