View from Anjanadari hilltop
Anjanadari hilltop in Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site, in the Karnataka state of India, is considered to be the birthplace of Shri Hanuman, the God of strength. At the top of this hill, there is a Hanuman temple. In order to reach this temple, one had to climb a huge fleet of 575 stairs. The place is crowded during sunrise and sunset and it is one of the must visit place in Hampi for the photography enthusiast. From the top of the hill, one gets to see the view of whole Hampi city including the holy Tungabhadra river.

Here is, my experience of this Holy place during my visit to Hampi.

Our group started climbing 575 steps of Anjanadri hill at 5.30 in the morning hoping to reach the top before sunrise. After completing every 100 stairs we stopped and cheered “Jai Shri Ram” and then we started climbing again.

Finally after climbing such a long fleet of stairs, we all were exhausted but still, we ran towards the sunrise point. I was pumped with excitement and the fresh morning air was so much energizing. But as we reached the sunrise point, the view was not as expected. Plastic bottles, Ice cream sticks, biscuit/ chips wrapper were spread all over the place. I really felt ashamed, because the spot was full of foreign photographers. I wonder what kind of photos of our India they took back to their home.

Supporting Swach Bharat Campaign and posting photos on Instagram with a big broom on 2nd October (Swatch Bharat day) will not work. It is not anyone else’s job to clean the waste that you spread.

The motive of the post is not to defame this beautiful place we have in our country, but to request all the visitors to keep the place clean for the people who will come to enjoy the beauty of this hilltop after you. Thus, I request you, Please clean the place before leaving. Use Dustbin. Keep our tourist places clean.



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