We are living in an era where photos play an active role in sharing our lifestyle to the world. Initially, Selfies took the world by storm but now it’s an old gig. People are searching for new and more creative ways to click portrait photos.

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In this article, I will share some of the trending styles of portrait photography and, tips and trick on how to shoot these type of portrait photos. All you need is a camera (No! DSLR is not mandatory any camera phone will be enough!!).

So let’s get started with the latest portrait photography trends:

1. Portrait photography with Vibrant colors



In order to make your photos stand out from the bunch of straight out of phone selfie, try to choose vibrant color clothing for the photoshoot.

Quick Tip: 
  • The subject must have a Dominant color: One way to make a person stand out in the picture is to look for the color contrast between his/her outfit and the background. So that the color reflecting from the person must be dominating the scene. For instance, if a person is wearing a bright yellow color dress, the background must not have sunflower field rather you may select a green grassland for the photoshoot.
  • Try to be simple: The most important rule is to click a perfect portrait image is “Keep it Simple”. Try not to make it complex by adding so many details in the background. Your image should always tell only one story.
  • Depth of field: Depth of field(DOF) is the distance between the closest and farthest objects in your photo that appears acceptably sharp. It is because of DOF, you get blur or no blurred background. As in portrait photography, some amount of background blur enhances the focus to the model in the frame, one should always click in a shallow depth of field. Shallow DOF is attained by zooming in towards the subject thus reducing the aperture value and making the object in front stand out of the background as the sounding becomes soft and blur.
  • Use color to reflect mood: Color you chose will reflect the mood of your image. If your portrait is having more Dark shades it will reflect aggression while cool colors will give a calm and cheerful feeling to your image.
  • Use polarized filter: While shooting outdoors you can use polarized filters to cut on reflection.
  • Post-process: While postprocessing boost the saturation a little bit but keep it natural.

2. Portrait photography with Rainbow Effect



Put a CD or a prism in front of a light source and project a beautiful rainbow on your face and take a selfie.

Quick Tip: 

  • As there are many types of prism available in the market, carefully read the material description of the prism, especially while buying online. You must buy a glass prism and nothing else.
  • Practice before the photoshoot. Creating a perfect rainbow effect using CD or a prism requires a little bit of practice.
  • Use a tripod and a camera remote(or a selfie-stick or earphone button for a phone camera)
  • Click and post-process the photo to enhance the color and brightness of the rainbow.


3. Portrait photography with the subject of your interest


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Everyone has a hobby then why not show it in your portrait. Use, DSLR, guitar, books, etc in your photo to make it stand out from normal portrait photos.

Quick Tip: 
  • While your subject in your picture is holding a book, guitar, Camera, etc as a prop. Try not to mix the subject with the prop. For instance, a person wearing black outfits and holding a black guitar will not give you the expected result. But if the same person is wearing red clothes and holding a black guitar, the image will look perfect.
  • While aiming for a black and white click, try to shoot in color mode first, then while postprocessing adjusts the light, dark whites, blacks, and lumination, and then reduce the saturation to get a black and white shot.

4. Portrait photography with a Dab pose



As Wikipedia says, Dabbing or the Dab is a simple dance move in which a person drops the head into the bent crook of a slanted, upwardly angled arm while raising the opposite arms out straight in a parallel direction.

Although, if you are not much of a dancer, you can just strike the dab pose just for a photoshoot to add a little fun factor to your portrait.

5. Portrait photography with a silly face



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Smiling or saying “Cheez” while your photo being clicked is old school. You can make funny faces and set the mood of the photo.

If you ask me, why to make faces? I will say, it will save you from adding silly emojis in your caption (just joking 😉 ).

6. Portrait Photography with a shadow



Take the help of a hat, lace, window grill or a strainer from your kitchen to add awesome looking shadows to your photos.

Quick Tip: 
  • In order to cover more area of the face of your model with the shadow pattern, use a bigger prop. That is, if you are using a tea strainer the shadow area will be less, but if you use vegetable strainer instead, you will get a bigger area with the shadow pattern.
  • One thing you have to keep in mind while using shadow in your image is, try to reduce the surrounding details so that the shadow effect could catch more attention in your picture.


7.  Portrait Photography with a silhouette effect


Stand in the direction of a light source to capture a great silhouette effect. While the background is extremely bright, the camera will not capture any light on the person standing in front of it. Thus, the image will be dark in front and bright in the background.

In the above image, these kids are in the same direction as of the sun, which is the light source. Hence, giving a beautiful silhouette effect on the image.

To Learn more about Silhouette Photography click here

8. Portrait photography with props


Photography with Props and Accessories are really trending these days. Use of props in photos add extra details to your click and make it more interesting. for example, if you are clicking a pic of cookies, a glass of milk can be used as a prop; in landscape photography, anything from a small shell to a huge bridge across the river can be used to add side details in your photo.

For portrait photography, accessories like sparkle, scarf, hat, goggles, funky shoes, pillows, etc can be used as a prop.

9. Portrait photography with reflection


In order to click a perfect reflection photo, first picture the image in your head. Do not just restrict yourself with a vanity mirror or a puddle of water, experiment with other reflective surfaces like a tablet / mobile screen, or vehicle windshield or back mirror of the car/bike, etc.

Quick Tip: 

  • You may use soft lights on the edge of the reflective surface. This will give a soft glow on your model’s face.

10. Portrait Photography with pets


There are tons of people who are making their pet friend part of their portrait photos. The best way to click a portrait with a  pet is by letting the pet be itself. Clicking with a happy pet will give you a more natural picture rather than taming your dog to sit straight or forcing your cat not to lick its paw while photo shooting.

Quick Tip: 
  • Play with your pet before the photoshoot, so that they will be more cheerful at the time of the photoshoot.
  • There should be fewer distractions nearby or else it will be hard to place your pet at a place.
  • Treat your pet every now and then during the photoshoot.


Photos that are used in this article are taken from online resources and use of these images are for educational purpose. No copyright infringement intended. All rights of the images are reserved with the owners of the images. Refer to the link attached to the images to know about the photographer.

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