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Well if you are going to buy your first camera, I know it could be really confusing. You might be seeing various review websites that will be talking about difficult photography jargon. On top of everything, e-commerce websites will be suggesting almost hundreds of cameras in your range.

So the big question is, How to get a most reliable camera with almost all the features that a photographer needs and also, it should fall under your range?

If you are a beginner to photography and you want to try your hand on a very basic camera in the cheapest range possible, well NIKON D3500 is there for you.

Let us start talking about the 10 important specifications that make NIKON D3500 the best buy for beginners:

(**** Read till end to know this Bonus Feature in NIKON D3500 ****)

1. Pixel count: 24.2 Million Pixels

The camera contains 24.2 Million pixels. That means you can enlarge your image up to 40x60inches in a good quality print.

2. Sensor Size: 23.5 mm x 15.6 mm

In the olden days, the area that will be exposed to the light used to be determined by the size of the film being used in the camera. New cameras like NIKON 3500 has a single exposure film. That means it could be used over and over again.

The sensor size determines how much area of your single exposure film will be exposed to the light while clicking the photo.

Fact: The sensor size of a typical 8MP phone camera is 4.4mm x 3.3mm.Which is almost 1/3rd to the Sensor size of Nikon D3500.Means, NIKON D3500 is definitely an upgrade from phone camera.


3. Frames per second: 5 frames a second

In the event, while shooting a moving object, you can take 5 clicks in a second with appropriate settings. Which is really fast.

4. Focus Points: 11 focus point

The camera gives you a total of 11 focus points, which means in an image you can set focus on a total of 11 points, obviously keeping your main subject on the center point.


5. 3D Auto-focusing

The camera gives you a 3D auto-focusing feature, which usually comes in other high-end cameras. This feature helps you in focusing on a moving subject in a live shooting scenario like bird photography.

When you shoot under this setting, The camera focus shifts among the above mentioned 11 focus points. Hence tracking the movement of the subject and giving you a sharp image.

6. Easy image transfer

Apart from the conventional USB chord, the camera comes with Snap Bridge feature and Bluetooth device.

Using Snap Bridge, you can upload the images directly to social media or e-mail it to yourself. You can also use Bluetooth device to transfer an image to your phone or laptop anywhere anytime.


7. Kit Lens

There are 2 camera-kit variance available in the market

Personally, I would suggest you, go along with the second option, as 18-55mm is a prime lens, and no doubt it is a good lens but it does not allow to zoom much into the subject and click a close-up. Thus, the 70-300mm lens comes in handy.


8. Memory Card

The camera gives you a memory card slot, which can accept a memory card up to 512 GB. That means, your camera can hold up to 4000 images on its maximum capacity.


9. Body Design and Weight

NIKON D3500 comes in NIKON’s signature matte finish black body. And it is amazing to see how NIKON has managed to provide so many handy buttons and a high-quality display screen in a price range offered by D3500.

The body of this camera weighs around 365gm(112.9oz)


10. Guide Mode

I have saved this bonus feature for the last as this is the most amazing feature of this camera.

As I’ve said earlier, photography jargon like shutter speed, aperture, bokeh, etc can be a bit of scary for a newbie photographer.This camera comes with a guide mode, which literally eases up the photographer’s language for you.

Source: Internet
For Example:
If you want to take a photo with a blurred background, you have just select that particular setting under, Shoot option in Guide Mode, and the camera will tell you about the required settings for it. All you have to do is follow through the guide and get your required image.There is a Retouch option under Guide mode, using which you can do some minor adjustments to your image and post directly to your social media using Snap Bridge feature.

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