Volkswagen Beetle 1970


Beetle, the most famous German car, was categorized under “people’s car”.The concept of the term people’s car was first formulated by Nazi Leader, Adolf Hitler. He wanted a car that can be mass produced and sold to the business class, so as to enhance the glory of newly made roads in Germany. This car was so famous that people gave it nicknames like “SuperBug“, “Bug“, “Super Beetle“.

The first design of Beetle was released in 1930, but the manufacturing of this car started in the year 1945. Volkswagen Beetle was listed as one the most affordable car at that time. By the 1970s, it used to cost approx. $1830.

The initial variants of Beetle were equipped with a 25hp engine, which was designed to gain a speed up to 100km/hr

About Photograph:

This photograph falls under a genre of miniature photography.

In this photo, the subject is a miniature of the Volkswagen Beetle 1970 model. The car is parked on a rough ground to represent its sturdiness. The background is set to give a dramatic effect to represent the era, this car belongs.




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