A flower blossomed in the spring
It was colored black, a deathly shade
As winter approached the flowers wilted
But this black one didn’t fade
As the bitter weather progressed
The flower graciously stood in the field
Not letting anything near it
It put up a protective shield
As the days started to grow colder
The black flower stood up tall
Pounded by the ice and snow
Too strong to ever fall
Once spring came round again
And the other flowers sprouted from the ground
They all looked at the lone flower
Wondering how she managed to stick around
Her heart had turned so cold
That the snow didn’t stand a chance
Her body, like a stone
Helped her to keep her stance
The years keep passing by
The black flower roams the field
Waiting to find someone
To take down her protective shield
Each year that passes by
The flowers strength has grown
With her heart so cold
She wanders the field alone


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